Intense flooding creeps near Central home

Central La. experiencing heavy flooding, one home has twice amount of water due to drainage issues

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - It’s routine for Jordan Williams and his wife to get a little flooding from Beaver Bayou near their home. “Last night we started getting heavy flooding. The ditches normally fill up,” Williams explained.

But with the high level of water surrounding their home, most wouldn’t say it falls under the category of normal. “We just brace for the worst and try to prepare as much as we could,” Williams said.

Williams says it didn’t take long for his yard in Central to turn into a big lake Saturday and force his horses into a corner. Just a few hours of harsh rain and culverts thought to be backed up on Hooper Road are a recipe for flash flooding.

“My water has nowhere to go. The water from the road and everybody else’s property drains onto my property, so I have twice the amount of water that I should have,” Williams said.

Williams took pictures of his property using his drone. You can see a clear path the flood waters take from Hooper Road to his property. He says the water came so fast, he and wife had just enough time to make sure the animals were taken care of.

He tried to stop the drainage from creeping onto his property by building a dam, but the current ripped right through it. Hours later, the water was still steadily finding its home in their yard by Sunday afternoon.

“There are thousands of gallons of water that are rushing through and there’s nothing you can do to stop it because it’s so much volume,” Williams said.

The Mayor of Central, David Barrow says Hooper Road is a state-owned highway, that means DOTD is responsible for cleaning the ditches. However, Barrow says a current drainage study found that areas along that road don’t drain properly.

He also says they realize a few culverts are probably past their expiration date.

“You already know what could happen, so it is scary but as I said, you brace for the worst and hope for the best,” Williams said. “When you live in Louisiana, you kinda figure out how to make it work to survive.”

The Mayor also says DOTD began surveying drainage ditches along portions of Hooper Road last week, but it’s unclear if the particular part that’s causing an issue for the Williams’ family will be directly addressed.

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