Amite River inches from getting into Fred’s on the River

Amite River inches from overtaking condos, residents concerned rain bringing in critters to backdoor

PORT VINCENT, La. (WAFB) - The rain over Mother’s Day weekend has left many with high water. Along the Amite River, a rise in the water level will make the difference between flooding and not flooding for some people.

“That’s the price you pay to be here, you know,” said Scott Delate, vice president of Fred’s on the River in Port Vincent. “It’s frustrating, I guess, that it gets this high. I wish there was a way that it could not get this high, but it is what it is.”

Delatte says the river started coming up Friday, May 10. In fact, the boardwalk all along Fred’s was visible Friday, with only a few inches of water. As of Monday, May 13 it was several feet under water. The two boat launches are covered with barricades that are more than halfway covered. A “No Wake Zone” sign posted along the bridge was completely visible just a week before the rain moved through. Now, only a small portion of the sign can even be seen.

(Source: Scott Delate, VP of Fred's on the River)

"Right now, it's at 8.7 feet. At 8.9 feet, it comes over that bar and starts flooding over the back bar," said Delatte.

The latest prediction now is the river will crest at 8.8 feet, expected later Monday evening.

Nevertheless, on Monday morning, crews picked up everything that was on the back bar and moved it to higher ground, but this is something they’re somewhat used to: flooding often when the river rises. The last time for them though was the 2016 flood. This time is a bit more routine. Nerves aren’t as frazzled, which is why workers are using the downtime for some maintenance, like painting and cleaning.

R.J. Landry is also monitoring the river. His camp is just across the Amite from the bar.

“It’s probably covering my boat shack and it’s about three inches from getting up on my slab, and of course I’m up about another four feet,” said Landry.

Landry went and moved things up over the weekend. Now, the only way he can even get to his camp is to walk through feet of murky water.

Since Thursday, May 9, the Amite River has risen nearly 6 feet and everyone along the river is hoping and praying they make it by without taking on any floodwater.

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