Residents along Comite River worried about flooding as heavy rains continue

Residents watching river levels as heavy rains continue

CENTRAL, La. (WAFB) - The wet and soggy conditions with the seemingly never-ending rain have people who live along the Comite River thinking back to the historic flood in 2016.

“No more rain,” Richie Thomas said.

“We know it’s coming, we just hope it’s a small amount of rain,” said Richie’s wife, Crystal.

The Thomases call the banks of the Comite in Central their home. The recent downpour of rain has the river threatening their house.

"It rose 11 feet, river stage, from yesterday morning to, well, last night to when we woke up this morning, it was an 11 feet rise from that period,” Richie said.

That was quite the surprise for Crystal when she woke up Friday morning.

“The first thing I did was look out the window and immediately saw that school was canceled where I worked and woke him up and said, ‘Go look at the river,’” Crystal said. “And of course, just from being here, looked at the crest, where it’s expected, and it had changed drastically from last night, so I kind of started to panic.”

Right now, the river is at about 24 feet high. It’s expected to rise another foot, and that would put it right at the edge of the Thomases’ house.

"Based on what we saw, it's going to come up a pretty good bit,” Richie said.

“It’ll come up to the house, completely up to this house, and then a little high,” Crystal said. “But we’re sitting up high, so we have another two feet to go.”

This is not the first time the water has threatened their house. Back in 2016, the river flowed through their house and destroyed everything inside.

“The house sat for quite a while and we redid it and we wanted to be prepared in case it happened again, because they say it’ll never happen again, but there’s always a chance because we’ve seen this right here,” he said. “A little bit more rain could make a difference.”

As they wait to see how high the river gets this time, the Thomases are looking forward to the rain stopping and a little sunshine to dry things out.

“No more rain,” Richie said.

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