Officer seen punching man in video previously suspended; man charged with battery, resisting

Officer caught on camera punching man; man charged

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Police Department says the man who was repeatedly punched in the face by one of its officers had refused to leave a bar near LSU.

Mark C. Patterson, 21, of Walker, was charged with disturbing the peace, public intoxication, resisting an officer, and battery on an officer after the April 7 incident.

The BRPD officer who punched Patterson was recently suspended for repeated uses of profanities while interacting with suspects.

In a video that surfaced online in early May, Officer Marshall McDermitt can be seen punching Patterson in his bloodied face ten different times with a matter of seconds.

Officer Marshall McDermitt
Officer Marshall McDermitt

In his police report, McDermitt says he was doing routine patrol when an employee at Reggie’s bar near LSU flagged him down, saying Patterson was fighting bouncers and refusing to leave the bar.

McDermitt remains assigned to the BRPD Uniform Patrol Division while the department investigates the Reggie’s incident, Chief Murphy Paul said Friday, May 10.

Paul asked for “patience” from the community while his department looks into the matter, including reviewing McDermitt’s body camera footage.

According to The Advocate newspaper, in 2018, Chief Paul suspended McDermitt for two days for the officer’s repeated uses of profanities during traffic stops. The suspension came after BRPD reviewed multiple hours of body camera footage from McDermitt.

In one incident from November of 2017, McDermitt responded to a call for assistance from another officer after a driver refused to stop, the newspaper reported. The driver crashed into creek and ran off.

His body camera captured McDermitt repeatedly calling the suspect a “bitch” during the ensuing chase as McDermitt told another officer to “tase the fuc*ing bitch,” according to the newspaper report.

Chief Paul, in suspending the McDermitt, wrote that he found “a pattern of behavior [that] may violate department policy,” the newspaper report said. During another incident that led to his suspension, McDermitt used profanity with a handcuffed suspect, saying, “You’re a big motherfuc*er and I’m not the one you want to fu*k with,’ The Advocate reported.

And in another case, McDermitt told a fleeing suspect to “fuc*ing stop or I’m gonna fuc* you up,” the newspaper report said. McDermitt appealed his two-day suspension to the Baton Rouge Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board, but the board upheld the chief’s decision.

Patterson was issued a summons at the scene and was not booked into parish prison, records show.


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