Contact WAFB

Contact WAFB
The WAFB newsroom is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. (Source: PabloBuffer)

If you have a question or comment call us at 225-383-9999, toll free at 800-324-7875.

WAFB is located at 844 Government Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.


Joe Sciortino:, (225) 215-4703


Assignment Desk: If you have a tip about breaking news, a potential story, or have a question about a story that aired on WAFB 9News.

General:, (225) 215-4801

Management: For questions related to editorial decisions or requests for content redistribution.

News Director: Robb Hays -, (225) 215-4800

Assistant News Director: Allison Childers -, (225) 215-4824

Digital Content Manager: Samantha Morgan -, (225) 215-4805

Operations Manager: Robbie Chandler -, (225) 215-4814

Anchors and Reporters: Click on their name for contact information

Greg Meriwether l Elizabeth Vowell l Matt Williams l Lauren Westbrook l Scottie Hunter l Graham Ulkins l Breanne Bizette

Weather: To report weather conditions or ask questions about the current forecast.

General:, (225) 215-4703

Chief Meteorologist: Jay Grymes -, (225) 215-4703


Sports Director: Steve Schneider -, (225) 215-4826


General Sales Manager, Don Lloyd:, (225) 215-4719

Local Sales Manager, Brian Daugherty:, (225) 215-4732

National Sales Manager, Janet Connella:, (225) 215-4704

Digital Sales Manager, Kelly Lee:, (225) 215-4731

For a full list of contacts within the advertising/sales department, CLICK HERE


Commercial Production, Leah Ellsworth:, (225) 215-4712


If you have a question regarding any of the non-local-news programs or commercials that air on WAFB or WBXH.

Program Coordinator: Shannon Guidry -, (225) 215-4724


Sidney Folse: (225) 215-4750

WAFB is owned by Gray Television Inc., which is a publicly traded television broadcasting company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Executive offices: 4370 Peachtree Road, NESuite 400 Atlanta, GA 30319 (404) 266-8333.