Denham Springs residents want answers after road work project started in Jan. of 2018 still not done

Denham Springs homeowners fed up with unfinished road construction, causing health issues for some

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - Homeowners in the Woodland Crossing subdivision in Denham Springs want answers after trying to get the parish to finish repairing work they began in January of 2018.

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“Every time they come out, they put more rocks down and more dust. They just haven’t fixed it. They promised us and they told us that they were going to fix it,” said Melissa Bracey, a resident.

Sam Digirolamo, director for the Livingston Parish Department of Public Works, says they put limestone down after digging the road for repair. After five months, residents say they hope to see a completed projected soon.

(Source: WAFB)

“It’s about a thousand residents out here, and we’re all using this same road with everyone else, and we have every issue that you can think of on this road,” said Muriel Laws, another resident. “I just wished that they would do their job. They expect me to get up every day and go do my job and pay taxes, and that I do. I expect them to do their job.”

Residents says aesthetics is not their only issue. They are also expressed health concerns.

“Issues that have come out of that is, you know, respiratory issues from breathing dust all day long and your house is full of dust and all your vehicles are full of dust. It’s just a constant, never ending story it seems like,” said Kevin Jennings, a resident.

Digirolamo says they have not forgotten the residents in Woodland Crossings, however, he could not say how long it will take to complete the project, but that they are working with crews to make sure they are on schedule with repairs.

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