Community marches for transparency in officer involved shooting

Community marches as it awaits answers about police-involved fatal shooting

CLINTON, LA (WAFB) - What happened the night 28 year old Myron Flowers died in a shooting with police in Clinton? That’s the burning question his family is desperate to have answered.

"No justice, no peace." Those words echoed through the streets of the small town of Clinton early Friday morning.

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It’s a familiar tune, but this time with a different name.

Folks that knew Flowers the best marched to the last place he was seen alive.

On Friday, April 12, Flowers and a friend were pulled over by a deputy with the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office. An officer with the Clinton Police Department came for backup. Sometime after that, investigators say the three started to wrestle over a gun.

Flowers died that night. It's still unclear who fired the fatal shot.

“This touched my heart,” said Barry Armstead. “From what happened to him, it’s wrong. It’s wrong for them to do that." Armstead grew up in Clinton alongside Flowers.

Flowers’ sister, Tanquetra Spears, was also among the dozens of loved ones rallying in the streets. Spears spoke about the very last conversation she had with her brother. She says she’ll always remember his sweet smile and his intention to express his love. She was surrounded Friday by her attorneys, Ron Haley and Dedrick Moore, hoping for transparency.

“Good policing is important when things come into question,” Haley said. “I think this becomes a community issue. It’s not a black and white issue.”

Haley says this tragic situation is a “script that we’ve seen not only in this community, but across the country where routine traffic stops become violent.”

Neither agency involved in the shooting equips their officers with body cameras. The family's legal team says the buck shouldn't stop there.

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“We have the ability to have multiple dash cams front and rear, but whenever it seems like a situation like this happens, they don’t have it, it’s not turned on, it’s malfunctioned, the battery wasn’t in it, all kinds of excuses when it seems to be convenient,” Haley said.

“In every police car, you see ‘protect and serve’ our community,” Moore said. “We need some accountability. The police cannot be our enemy. We need to all be working together.”

Moore continued on to say that systematically, he’s started to recognize a pattern.

“Patterns of no cameras, patterns of footage or transparency not being available," Moore said.

The family says they understand law enforcement has a job to do, but this march is a symbol of their wish for clear answers.

The coroner says the toxicology report should be complete in early May. The full report should be available in the coming months. Once the investigation is complete, evidence will be handed over to the East Feliciana district attorney.

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