NWS report: 7 tornadoes confirmed in Texas, Louisiana

NWS report: 7 tornadoes confirmed in Texas, Louisiana
Tornado Damage in Ruston, La

(KSLA) - After a series of storms tore through East Texas and Northwest Louisiana, a preliminary report from the National Weather Service has confirmed seven tornadoes that touched down.

The report says that a "long tracked supercell" developed in San Augustine County, Texas, and then crossed the Toledo Bend area into Louisiana.

The National Weather Service uses the Enhanced Fujita Scale to classify tornadoes. The scale ranks from EF1 to EF5, with EF5 being most destructive.

Six tornadoes are already confirmed in the Shreveport area and will continue on Friday. Another tornado was confirmed in Mooringsport and the damage of an eighth tornado will be surveyed in LaSalle Parish on Friday.

The first tornado surveyed was ranked as an EF2 with an estimated peak wind of 130 mph, a path length of 8 miles and a path with of 800 yards. It touched down at 11:13 p.m. three mile west-southwest of San Augustine and lasted ten minutes on the ground.

The second tornado surveyed was an EF1 tornado with a peak speed of 105 mph and left one person injured. It traveled from Shelby County, across the Toledo Bend area into DeSoto Parish totaling a distance of 31 miles with a width of 75 yards.

A woman was seriously injured when a tree fell on her vehicle.

Below is the summary of its path:

The tornado touched down west of Toledo Bend Reservoir in Shelby County near Forest Service Road 126 and continued northeast crossing County Road 2789 and then County Road 3184 just north of Forest Service Road 126. It continued northeast just north of Forest Service Road 126 and went through E. Hillview Lane. It continued along the same path and crossed Doyle English Lane, near the Toledo Bend Reservoir at Corris N. Blisteres Road and County Road 2011 where it left the shoreline and went across Toledo Bend Reservoir. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted along this path. On the Louisiana side of Toledo Bend Reservoir, the path continued on Highway 191 just south of Highway 174 where it made an eastward turn and crossed Golden Road. It went through the town of Converse in Louisiana where several trees were snapped and uprooted. It again moved to the northeast crossing Highway 171 and Highway 174 and led to tree damage on Harrison Road, Cooper Lane, and Boliver Road before it crossed into DeSoto Parish. It then caused some tree damage near Pelican, where a tree fell on a vehicle on Highway 175 just south of the Highway 483 intersection. This resulted in an injury to a female driver in the vehicle. The tornado continued its northeast movement to Highway 177 north of Parish Road 507 where it lifted.

Three EF1 tornadoes were surveyed in Mooringsport, Lucky and East of Bienville Parish. No one was injured in these tornadoes.

The sixth tornado was the Ruston tornado, which rated as an EF3, with an estimated peak wind of 145 mph. It traveled nearly 7 miles with a width of 1000 yards.

Below is the summary of its path from the NWS:

The tornado touched down just northeast of the intersection of Highway 80 and LA 818 where it did isolated tree damage uprooting some trees. It continued northeast where it crossed S. Maple Street where the tornado intensified. The tornado did widespread tree damage just south of LA 3012 along Wade Drive, Lind Drive, Robert Street, University Boulevard, and Shelor Drive. Many of these streets were impassable due to the significant number of trees snapped, twisted, and uprooted. Many more trees were downed on LA 3012 before the tornado headed northeast towards Westwood Dive. It uprooted a number of trees onto fraternity houses before it crossed the Kansas City Southern Railroad. The tornado crossed the railroad and bent or uprooted several large light poles on Louisiana Tech`s softball, baseball, and neighboring athletic fields. It snapped a number of power poles here as well. The tornado crossed Tech Drive and damaged a number of dormitories where it removed their metal roofs and blew out windows. It continued northeast where it uprooted more trees on Louisiana Tech`s and Ruston High School`s campuses. The tornado crossed Greenwood Cemetery where it intensified again and started severe damage for the next third of a mile. The severe damage started with a large number of trees being debarked with just the stubs of large branches remaining in several areas. It continued with several businesses sustaining significant damage to their exterior brick walls and some interior walls. A hotel along Interstate 20 suffered the collapse of its top story`s exterior walls. The tornado continued on to severely damage a gas station in between Trenton and Vienna Streets just south of I-20. The tornado crossed I-20 and weakened slightly but still did considerable roof damage to several businesses along North Service Road East. The tornado continued to weaken and began doing more sporadic wind damage as it headed northeast towards Farmerville Highway. It crossed Farmerville Highway near Timberline Court uprooting a number of trees and continued northeast towards Haddox Road. The tornado uprooted a few more trees before finally lifting near the intersection of Stable Road and Baxter Road. The tornado caused 2 fatalities when a tree fell on a home just south of I-20. The tornado had a maximum width of 1000 yards and a length of 6.68 miles.

LaTech President Les Guice spoke with the media on Thursday morning.

A survey will continue on Friday on an EF1 tornado that took place in Union Parish.

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