Lafayette law enforcement arrests Cajun Cannabis owner after drug raid

Lafayette law enforcement arrests Cajun Cannabis owner after drug raid
Cajun Cannabis (Photo credit: KATC)

LAFAYETTE, LA (WAFB) - The owner of a CBD oil business was arrested and charged with drug offenses following a raid on his business.

On Wednesday, deputies with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office were going in and out of Cajun Cannabis, according to WAFB news partner, KATC.

Deputies later stopped the store owner, Travis DeYoung, in his vehicle and conducted a vehicle search. Deputies found 17 bottles of CBD oil, 14 bottles of CBD gummies, 69 glass jars of CBD shatter, 1 box of CBD mints, and one handgun.

Authorities drove DeYong to his store where they executed a search warrant on his store. Narcotics agents found one handgun, 37,974.1 “gross grams” of CBD, less than 1 “gross gram” of marijuana, 1,863 capsules containing CBD/THC, 902.2 “gross grams” of THC/CBD edibles, 155 “gross grams” of THC/CBD vapes/shatter, honey containing THC/CBD, mints containing THC/CBD, and dog treats containing THC/CBD.

Cajun Cannabis opened the store Saturday, April 20 and sells CBD products, such as CBD oils, lotions, coffee, and hemp clothing.

DeYoung was booked into the Lafayette Parish Jail. The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has said selling any CBD products is illegal regardless of THC content. The store received its official occupancy certificate from LCG April 18.

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