Severe storms affect crawfish haul ahead of Easter weekend

Easter weekend brings big crowds to seafood shops hoping to score cheap crawfish

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There’s one impact of Thursday’s severe storms you might not feel until the weekend. Many crawfish farmers missed out on valuable time in their ponds, but retailers are still optimistic headed into Good Friday.

Crawfish hauls impacted by storms before Easter weekend

Stocked up and ready to go, the folks at LA Lobsters in Port Allen are gearing up for their busiest three days of the year.

(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

“This is our Super Bowl of crawfish season. I mean, anybody in the crawfish business, this is the week that you live for,” said Eric Searcy, owner of LA Lobsters.

As customers took advantage of a drive thru window during Thursday’s rain, Searcy says the storms threw his business a curve ball.

“As much as people love crawfish, it’s not worth somebody getting hurt to be running traps in storms,” he said.

With four to five hours of rain, the haul Thursday was about half of what he expected. It’s not make or break, just a small setback.

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“I’ll still have enough to cover all my orders, just might not have that nice cushion that I was hoping for,” Searcy said.

Prices dropped in recent weeks, but have slowly crept back up ahead of Easter, but customers can expect a big drop after the holiday. The Crawfish App tracks prices for boiled and live crawdads at businesses across south Louisiana. The cheapest in town headed into Easter is about $3 per pound for boiled. The average price is a bit over $4. Searcy says this season got off to a slow start.

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“We really didn’t get back up to our average catch until probably just three or four weeks ago,” he said.

Farmers and sellers are hoping a busy second half of the season will make up for the slow start.

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