Iberville sheriff gives bikes to adults without transportation

Iberville Parish sheriff buying bikes for people in need

IBERVILLE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Two wheels is better than no wheels, especially when you need to get around.

A new effort is helping people in Iberville Parish get around easier than they have before. Sheriff Brett Stassi has teamed up with volunteers to raise money and buy bikes for people in need, like Brenda “Bumblebee” Lanieu.

She has trouble walking due to a back injury she suffered and has had to ask people for rides.

"I’ll be walking, keep catching rides, like I caught a ride from back of town where I live at to over here, so I don’t have to catch a ride back,” Lanieu said.

As of Tuesday, she does not have to rely on anyone to get around anymore.

"I’ve given away the bikes and it’s become pretty common that people need them. We’ve got people from churches calling, giving us names, and also people from the community that have stepped forward to bring us bikes, also go out to buy some bikes and send money to buy bikes to continue it going,” said Stassi.

Lanieu is not the only one who has received a bike. In total, nine bikes have been given away so far.

"I was just getting tired of just walking around, you know, and the sheriff give me this bike last week and I’ve really been blessed, you know,” said Mitch Williams.

Williams got his bike in early April. He doesn’t have a car and has had to walk everywhere.

"I wasn’t expecting a brand new one, but thank God for it,” he said.

The sheriff says anyone who knows someone in Iberville Parish who does not have any mode of transportation can send in their name and he will work to make sure they are helped.

Recommendations can be sent through the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

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