How to avoid overspending to prepare for spring, summer

How to avoid overspending to prepare for spring, summer
Clean off the grill before rushing off to buy a new one this spring.

(WWBT/WXIX) - Everyone wants to get their yard back in shape, and spruce up that backyard for parties and family get-togethers, But before you spend a fortune on outdoor furniture or a brand new grill, see if you can wake up the tired furniture you already have.

Start with a fresh coat of paint, or some new cushions.

If you do need something new, this is the time to start shopping around. Keep in mind, though, that the steepest discounts on grills and patio furniture usually come well after Labor Day.

Another spending trap is a new spring wardrobe.

Before buying anything new, pull the spring clothes you already have out of your closet and figure out what you really need.

Remember spring doesn’t last long, so adding just a few pieces to fill out what you already have frees up more money in the budget for swimsuits, shorts and sandals this summer.

Another popular part of April is spring cleaning and organizing, but that doesn’t have to mean running out to a big box or specialty store for a bunch of new storage bins or organizing systems.

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