Popular ‘Get Ready to Sweat’ fitness program to work with Baton Rouge school children

Get Fit red Stick: Get Ready to Sweat

(WAFB) - A Plaquemine fitness team, whose popular “jiggerrcise” has spread like wildfire, is now sharing the fun, workout class to Baton Rouge school children.

Get Ready to Sweat recently signed a contract with Louisiana School for the Deaf and Visually Impaired in Baton Rouge. This allow the team to go into schools and introduce a healthy way to get students moving.

Get Ready to Sweat owner Anri Stewart started leading classes at a Plaquemine studio on Meriam Street on July 16 2018. The program’s fitness community quickly grew with fitness fans in the area. Stewart and his business partner Kaitlin Daigle also host classes Mondays and Thursdays at the Carl F Grant Civic Center and actively posts class times on its Facebook page.

“We like to incorporate dance moves with workout moves,” Stewart said. “We make it into a routine and make it like we’re having a big ole’ good time.”

Stewart said the classes also provide an uplifting environment filled with laughter, encouragement, and positive energy.

The idea to bring the program to children started after Stewart and Daigle would bring their kids to the classes. They noticed how the children would have fun learning the fitness routine with the adults.

The team started hosting kids night classes. The first night brought in over 150 kids, according to Stewart.

“It’s life changing and very touching,” Stewart said on what it’s like to work with the students. “When we initially started (the fitness program), we just wanted to help the adults and bring something to the little town of Plaquemine. To try to keep us fit and the community together.”

Since its launch, Get Ready to Sweat now works with the Iberville school district and the Louisiana School for the Deaf and Visually Impaired in Baton Rouge.

Stewart expressed his concerns of childhood obesity and encouraged parents to get their children involved in the fitness program. “The kids need this just as much as the adults.”

The class is a healthy way for the young students to relieve stress and anxiety.

"A lot of people don’t realize how stressed kids are, " Haigle said. She said that while children don’t have to worry about paying bills, some of them experience stressful situations at home.

They hope the children who join the class have a good time and leave the class feeling like they can take on anything life may have for them.

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