Pelican Chapter of Assoc. Builders hosts annual high school craft championship in welding, carpentry, etc.

(Source: ABC Pelican)
(Source: ABC Pelican)
Published: Apr. 11, 2019 at 5:00 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Pelican Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. hosted its annual high school craft championship Thursday, April 11 in welding, carpentry, and electrical. The competition is for high school students at its Baton Rouge Training Center. Competitors come from schools in Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, and West Feliciana parishes.

ABC Pelican has been hosting this contest for more than 20 years. At this year’s competition, more than 100 local 11th and 12th graders training to be welders, electricians, and carpenters competed against each other to show off their skills, win prizes, and earn trophies. The competition is made up of a classroom test and a hands-on component.

(ABC Pelican)

Students who competed Thursday were either nominated by their teachers or won an internal competition against their peers.

“They like showing off their skills. This competition offers the students real world experience and it lets them interact with industry,” said Allison Coleman, who teachers Electrical Level I and Level 2 at Central High School. Three of her students competed at Thursday’s competition.

Tristan Acosta, a senior at St. Amant High School, took home first place in welding with his team.

“I weld at school during the day and at ABC Pelican at night. I feel at home at ABC Pelican. I didn’t know much about welding when I came here, but the instructors taught me so much here at ABC Pelican. Now, I’ve got a good knack for it and my instructors say I’m pretty good at it,” Acosta said.

Another welder who competed, Anthony Mason, a senior at Albany High School, credits his dad for helping him develop his skills.

“I’m here to win and I think I’ve got what it takes. Opportunities like this will help me find a job, make my resume better, and make me a better welder,” he said.

Billy Doiron has been teaching at Live Oak High School for nearly 20 years. Six of his students competed in welding and electrical.

“The key to these crafts is practice. ABC Pelican not only recognizes the importance of future of the workforce, but also provides the necessary resources and tools to ensure they are equipped to have a career in this industry,” Doiron said.

(ABC Pelican)

A first-time carpentry team from Belaire High School was at the competition as well.

“They gave us plywood and the instructions and then we got to work,” said Jose Villanueva. “Our teamwork is great, we are all equal. We wouldn’t have completed the job without each other.”

Carpentry Teams:

  1. West Feliciana High School
  2. Holden High School
  3. Central High School

Electrical Teams:

  1. Live Oak High School
  2. West Feliciana High School
  3. Central High School

Electrical Individuals:

  1. Dylan George – West Feliciana High School
  2. Mason Stephens – Live Oak High School
  3. Logan Scuderi – Maurepas High School

Welding Individuals:

  1. Brennan Oubre – Livonia High School
  2. Tristan Acosta – St. Amant High School
  3. Trey Hebert – St. Amant High School

Welding Teams:

  1. St. Amant High School
  2. Livonia High School
  3. Live Oak High School

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