Couple just wants home back to normal after contractor busts water line in front yard

Couple seeks answers after contractor busts water line in front yard

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A family says they are faced with a mess every morning they walk out of their front door after a construction company hit a water line. Now, they say no one wants to take responsibility.

“It’s not right,” said Lannie Hodges, nearly in tears. She says she’s been getting the run around for weeks after she claims Grady Crawford Construction broke a water line in her front yard.

Lannie Hodges
Lannie Hodges (Source: WAFB)

″Nobody is claiming responsibility for my yard and my yard is a mess, and nobody wants to fix my yard," she said.

AT&T hired the company to help place anchors for cable lines on the utility poles. We spoke with the construction company and they confirmed they did hit the line, but only because the water indicator flags were placed incorrectly.

″The water company came and dug up the hole and they just left it just like that," said Craig Hodges. He says Baton Rouge Water Company has not come back out since digging up their yard to fix the leak, and it’s still a mess. He says they started reaching out to all three companies involved, but weren’t getting results, so they called WAFB’s Action Jackson.

Craig Hodges
Craig Hodges (Source: WAFB)

″It’s just a great big eye sore. How they done tore up my yard and they don’t want to fix it? Nobody wants to take responsibility for the problem," said Craig.

We reached out to AT&T, who acknowledged their contractor’s mistake. They plan to work with Baton Rouge Water to fix the problem. We also talked to Baton Rouge Water Company, who says they do plan to go back out to fill the hole in the yard after some of the standing water dries.

(Source: WAFB)

″This what my yard looks like. I’m right here on the corner. This is my home, and you done just messed up my yard, and nobody care," said Lannie.

″This the first house that people see, and my yard like this here, it don’t look good," Craig said.

This couple just hopes their home will be returned to normal soon.

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