Former NOPD Officer sentenced for role in Mid-City bar beating

Former NOPD Officer sentenced for role in Mid-City bar beating
Officers John Galman (L) and Spencer Sutton were arrested for their involvement in an off-duty incident.Source: NOPD

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Judge Robert Jones sentenced former NOPD officer John Galman to a 30-day suspended sentence for last summer’s beating of Jorge Gomez, who was severely injured outside a Mid-City bar in July.

Galman’s attorney, Townshend Myers, said the sentence is appropriate.

“I believe Judge Jones really wanted to take his time and fashion a sentence that was fair for the victim certainly, and indeed fair to all parties,” Myers said.

Galman, 27, admitted to beating Gomez in July of last year and pleaded guilty to simple battery soon after. Police said Galman and another former NOPD officer, Spencer Sutton, seriously injured Gomez outside the Mid-City Yacht Club.

FOX 8 spoke with the victim just days after it happened.

“He was hitting me, and I was like, are you for real? Are you hitting me?" Gomez said,

According to the police report, witnesses told officers Galman and Sutton questioned Gomez about his military service, and said Galman knocked Gomez’s hat off his head.

“They called me a fake American, and we almost look the same color, so I don’t know what the difference is between him and me,” Gomez said.

Both Galman and Sutton were rookie officers, and the NOPD fired both of them just after the incident.

Some called the attack racially motivated, but Myers denies that accusation.

“My personal opinion, and after long conversations with my client and reviewing all the evidence, and knowing my client and his background, is that [race] played no role in this at all," Myers said.

During the sentencing, Jones said he reviewed a 30-minute surveillance video of what happened at the bar.

“The court finds your conduct reprehensible. You’ve lost your job and rightfully so," Jones said.

As part of his sentence, Jones ordered Galman to sign a stay-away order for the victim and the Mid-City Yacht Club.

He also ordered him to attend a program designed heal and rehabilitate.

The District Attorney said he will not comment while Spencer Sutton, the other defendant, still has an open case.

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