The 318 to the NFL

Devin White and Greedy Williams’ hometown bond

The 318 to the NFL

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - “NFLSU” is the connection former Tigers have as professional football players across the country. However, two of LSU’s top 2019 draft picks share an even deeper bond.

“I trust Greedy with my life, man,” said White. "Man, if you cut him open, I might bleed-that’s how close we are together. I love that guy with everything in me, I’d do anything for him. He can have anything from me-the clothes off my back. He can...take Daisy Mae for a week and...I’d feel good because I know he’d treat her how I would. He can give me Khloe for a week to babysit-I’m going to treat her just how he would. That’s the brotherhood we got.”

Devin White and Greedy Williams grew up in northwest Louisiana together and have known each other since around age nine. White says even though during their AAU days he thought he would end up pursuing a basketball career, Williams told him otherwise.

“We used to travel all around the country playing together,” said White.” “I’m like, ‘Greedy, I’m a basketball player.’ Greedy like, ‘I’m a football player.’ He was like, ‘D, you a football player too, you just don’t know it yet.’”

“We did everything together,” said Williams. “We made All-SEC, we made All-American...Now we both first round guys. Just having him by my side, doing everything with him-that’s a big step for us, you know.”

Along with football, they also share a love of their home and want to represent for the 318.

“Two 318 guys...I feel like we’ll make history,” said White.

“Obviously the city, you know, 318 is behind us,” said Williams. “We fully support the 318 and can’t wait to, you know, be able to give back and do a lot of things for the city.”

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