GB Sciences approved to grow medical marijuana at LSU facility

GB Sciences approved to grow medical marijuana at LSU facility

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A company has been approved to grow medical marijuana at a facility at LSU.

Louisiana State Police finalized its background check of GB Sciences, allowing the company to move forward with its plans to grow the product. The approval from the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) means the company is suitable for full-scale operations.

Company approved to grow medical marijuana at LSU facility


GB Sciences will start moving into the main facility at the LSU AgCenter, according to a release from LDAF sent Friday, Mar. 22. LSU’s AgCenter says the facility is equipped with modular clean room technology and has five times the production capacity of the small, exterior facility GB Sciences has been operating out of. The increase of space will allow for a perpetual harvest cycle, meaning there will always be a supply for patients in need.

LDAF and the state’s health department will inspect the facility’s manufacturing area Wednesday, Mar. 27.

Two previous harvests produced in the small exterior facility will allow the company to create its final product. The LDAF will then take a product sample from GB Sciences, which will be tested in the LDAF laboratory. If it passes, the product will be ready for distribution through nine pharmacies.

“This is a great day for patients. Full scale opeartions means a consistent and continuous supply of medical cannabis. We are thrilled to move into our main facilities,” said John Davis, president of GB Sciences Louisiana.

GB Sciences Louisiana selected the LSU facility since its main production facility has more than five times the production capacity of the small exterior facility that GB Sciences Louisiana has been operating. The space increase will allow a continuous harvest cycle, and a steady product supply for patients.

In 2017, the LSU AgCenter selected GB Sciences through a competitive public bid process. The LDAF approved GB Sciences in August 2018 to grow, extract, and formulate in a small exterior facility on the site premises while construction on their main production facility was underway.

Construction of their main production facility was completed in October 2018. Since then, the facility received the “certificate of occupancy” from LDAF and the Standard Operating Procedures have been approved.

“The LSU AgCenter and GB Sciences Louisiana have worked diligently on this initiative since GB’s selection in September 2017. We are very happy to have this milestone completed, and we look forward to getting this much-needed product out to the patients of Louisiana,” said William Richardson, LSU vice president for agriculture.

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