Beyond the Badge: Honoring Louisiana’s law enforcement

Beyond the Badge: Honoring Louisiana’s law enforcement

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - They are considered the thin blue line, a group of first responders, law enforcement to be specific, that are there to protect and serve. When it comes to representing that line, the men and women honored at the 2019 Heart of Law Enforcement awards ceremony are considered the best in Louisiana.

Officers, deputies honored for good deeds at 2019 Heart of Law Enforcement awards ceremony

Seventeen officers, deputies, and troopers were honored for acts that go beyond just policing. Three of those are from Baton Rouge.

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Deputies Jennifer Gonzalez and Fred Kimble with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office were selected for the simple act of helping a student get to school.

“Somebody just needs something, so you just reach down and do it,” Deputy Kimble said. “Just make it happen.”

Make it happen is what he and Gonzalez did.

“This young kid that I know from the neighborhood was walking from school and I was like, ‘Quinn, where are you going? Shouldn’t you be in school,’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, but the bus stop is too far, it’s farther than the actual commute to the school, so I’m just going to walk,’” Gonzalez said.

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The two stepped in and helped provide transportation to and from school.

“Being a cyclist myself, I thought, well what about a bicycle? Would that be something you’d like? He said he would love it,” Kimble said. “So my coworker and I got together and purchased him a bicycle.”

Their service did not stop there.

“We also went to the school to make sure he was able to secure the bicycle when he rode it to and from school and home,” Gonzalez said. “They were extremely ecstatic because some of the teachers there also had to worry about him getting to and from home and school.”

They both said they didn’t do it for the recognition, but that it’s just what they’re supposed to do.

EBRSO’s Major Todd Morris was also honored. He received the highest award, the Heart of Law Enforcement, Service Before Self award.

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He was crucial in bringing home a girl after deputies say her father, Oscar Lozada, killed her mother and fled to Venezuela with her.

All 17 that were honored received a framed flag along with a gift card and a letter from President Donald Trump recognizing them for their service.

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