Flood victims will not be able to live in MHUs past April, FEMA says

Flood victims will not be able to live in MHUs past April, FEMA says
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - On Monday, Mar. 18, the state provided some updates on the 2016 flood recovery efforts in Louisiana and current issues on the Mississippi River.

Those still living in a mobile home, or MHU, have until the end of April to vacate them. Officials say FEMA will not be extending that deadline anymore.

Some families still trying to recover from '16 flood as deadline to be out of MHUs approaches

Anyone remaining in the manufactured housing unit (MHU) past April 30 will be charged a penalty fee which includes fair market rent plus a flat fee. Those fees will vary by household based on the MHU size and the location of the unit. Penalty fees will start on May 1 and not be adjusted or prorated.

Last week, FEMA received and approved a request from the state for special consideration for a small population of MHU occupants identified by the state. In this small number of cases, the penalty fee will be deferred. However, occupants will continue to pay rent.

Those that fall within the special consideration category have already been contacted by the state.

If residents have not done so already, they are encouraged to contact FEMA to schedule their move-outs prior to the deadline. The FEMA Housing Department can be reached at 225-339-6601.

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