BTR finalizing contract to negotiate designated ride-sharing parking areas

BTR finalizing contract to negotiate designated ride-sharing parking areas
SOURCE: Pablo Buffer

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Officials with the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport say they’re finalizing an agreement that will address the concerns of ride-sharing service drivers.

According to the airport’s policies, drivers with services like Uber and Lyft may pick up their passengers at the terminal front pickup and drop off areas once the passenger has arrived and made the pickup request., but may not sit and wait at the terminal front.

That privilege is reserved for taxis.

A driver with Uber, who asked that their name not be shared, complained that BTR’s rules make it hard to get to potential riders quickly.

A BTR spokesperson says they currently operate with the same standard that many other airports do, in which the cab companies that utilize the reserved terminal front area to wait for pickups have agreements with the airport and pay fees for that right.

Many of these agreements, the spokesperson says, have been in place well before the existence of rides-sharing services.

Baton Rouge Airport says it's working on deal with rideshare services

The spokesperson says most ride-sharing operators understand the rules and if a driver attempts to wait without an active passenger reservation/request generated through their app, he or she is asked to leave.

That could all potentially change soon, however.

Though the ride-sharing services do not have agreements with the airport at this time, a contract for marked pickup and drop-off spots for ride-sharing services is being finalized by the airport to negotiate with the companies.

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