OUR TURN - Hazing

OUR TURN - Hazing
Our Turn

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The family of LSU fraternity pledge Max Gruver wants LSU to be as open as possible about their investigations into illegal, dangerous, and downright deadly activity going on at some fraternities on campus.

OUR TURN - Hazing

Gruver became the face of hazing allegations after dying in an alleged hazing incident.

Recently, LSU put several of their own employees on leave while they investigated if those same employees had handled allegations of hazing at another fraternity.

LSU administrators quickly reversed course and said the employees had been “fully exonerated.” The problem is, the university won’t release any concrete details on the investigation into some of their own. The details ought to be public because in the end, it’s just another piece of information parents need to make sure LSU is a safe place for their sons and daughters.

The issues in question here are not just kids being kids. As the Gruver family pointed out, lives are on the line.

So, LSU, be as transparent as possible with your findings. Parents deserve to know all of the facts.

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