2 children killed, 1 rescued after SUV rolls into Leland, MS creek

2 children killed, 1 rescued after SUV rolls into Leland, MS creek

LELAND, MS (WLBT) - According to Delta News, a quick stop at a Leland Stop-N-Shop on Saturday night has changed the lives of a family forever. A mother runs into the store leaving her three children inside the SUV. Somehow the truck rolls across a street, jumps a curb, and falls into Deer Creek.

Witnesses said, as they watch the incident unfold, they knew something was wrong and quickly acted.

"We waited on the other side of the creek for it to get on the other side, my friend jumped off the side of the creek unto the car." Said Jacob Humphrey, one of the rescuers who saved a trapped child.

“I jumped on the car, like trying to break the windshield. It wouldn’t break. I was trying to see if the door was unlocked but they were all locked so I jumped on the sunroof. I was stomping it but it wouldn’t break,” said CJ Holland.

As the vehicle began sinking, CJ Holland and Jacob Humphrey said they were losing hope until a woman throws them a glass breaker.

Humphrey said, "I swam over to the back of the car and I broke the back glass out and as soon as I did that, I seen a baby in the back with its head above the water."

Just as they grab 2-year-old Raelynn Johnson out of the White Nissan Pathfinder; it sinks with 4-year-old Steve Smith and 1-year-old Rasheed Johnson Jr. still inside.

Emergency crews and Holland and Humphrey wait on the bank of the creek with other concerned onlookers. Then, after nearly 3-1/2 at 8 p.m., rescuers find the truck with Rasheed and his big brother Steve inside. They are pronounced dead at the creek by the Washington County Coroner.

Humphrey and Holland do not consider themselves heroes, they say they were happy to have gotten Raelynn out, they just wished they could’ve done more for the brothers.

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