YOU TURN: Time Change

YOU TURN: Time Change
Your Turn

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - You’ll need to go to bed an hour early Saturday night if you want to keep getting your beauty sleep.

Daylight saving time begins this Sunday morning.

Mathematically, it’s the shortest day of the year at just 23 hours. But you’ll get the hour back this fall, Nov. 3 to be exact.

YOUR TURN: Time Change

Many of you voiced your angst on our WAFB Facebook page on losing an hour of sleep and trust us we feel it, too. Some people don’t mind the time shift. After all, it results in an extra hour of sleep later in the year.

Detractors, however, don’t really see the need for it anymore. Regardless, please remember to set your clocks before you go to sleep on Saturday night and enjoy that extra hour of daylight. This is also the time to change your smoke detector batteries.

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