IBM showcases new Baton Rouge center as company races to meet job quota

IBM showcases new Baton Rouge center as company races to meet job quota
IBM's National Service Center

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The public got a chance to take a peek into the new IBM Client Innovation Center during its Wednesday evening open house.

Representatives from the various projects and departments, including Charles Masters, the IBM vice president for North America client innovation centers, held presentations in their fields and specialities.

Masters, who’s leading the Baton Rouge location, pushed the the software company’s vision of making Baton Rouge the “right place” as a burgeoning technology hub. His presentation emphasized the value of continuous learning and people as part of IBM’s business model.

“Our business model as a services organization is people,” Masters said. “While IBM does build the strongest main frame computers, we do sells clouds, we build some package products. But not here in Baton Rouge, we’re a services organization. We take the brightest people, that can really get along, build things quickly, collaborate and then we go sell that team to a client.”

Masters had the idea of hosting the open house as a way to introduce the public to the company’s initiatives and goals.

The event comes as the company is working to meet its hiring quota at the new Baton Rouge center. As part of its long-term agreement with the state, IBM is expected to hire 225 full-time position by June 30, which goes toward its 800-job obligation. Otherwise, the company would have to pay the state $10,000 for every job it fails to create.

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