Officials looking for old photos to help revitalize area of Scotlandville

City officials want to make part of Scotlandville historic area

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - City officials are putting out the call for residents to check their old drawers and albums for old photos, which could help save an area and revitalize it.

The North Baton Rouge Now Commission wants to make a part of Scotlandville an historic district, which could really jump start development in the area and entice businesses to look at the area and enjoy tax breaks. The group wants any old photos residents may have of the Scotland Avenue area

“Part of that date collection process it to find some of the owners of the buildings, some of the original owners and see what we can do to work with them to bring these buildings and use these advantages to their benefit to bring Scotlandville back to what it was in this area,” said Byron Washington with Scotlandville Historic District.

There will be series of public meetings in relation to this venture. The first one will be held at the Jewel J. Newman Community Center on Monday, Feb. 18.

(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

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