YOUR TURN: Cenikor Honors

YOUR TURN: Cenikor Honors

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - This week, an organization called the Cenikor Foundation honored many Louisiana leaders.

Cenikor Foundation presents awards to those who’ve helped people with substance abuse issues. Among those who were mentioned were Governor John Bel Edwards and Department of Public Safety and Corrections Secretary James Leblanc. They say substance abuse impacts nearly everyone.

“So many individuals today find themselves trapped between incarceration and substance abuse, and it creates a downward spiral,” said Bill Bailey, president of the Cenikor Foundation. “Addiction disorder is very much a problem across the state and across the country, and the truth is there’s no family of any size that doesn’t have at least one family members who suffers with some addiction disorder.” Gavin Jesiah writes. “This place helped me and many others I know learn how to live without being dependent to many diff drugs...”

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