New management vows improvements amid tenant complaints of deplorable conditions

Council member wants tenants to be protected from landlords

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Michelle Porea has had enough.

“This the kitchen area and it smells like garbage in here,” said Porea.

From a backed up toilet that will not flush to standing water under the kitchen sink, and even the occasional roach seen racing across the floor, it’s clear things at the Greenside Ridge Apartments on Prescott Road have taken a downright nasty turn.

(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

“I’m like my God. It’s horrible and the smell is just running me out of here and I don’t know what to do,” said Porea.

She and her kids first came to the apartments back in December of 2018 after a burglary forced her out of her old home. Needing something quick, they settled at Greenside Ridge, but she complains it has been the worst decision of her life.

“I call it trying to survive in the 70805 because I’ve dealt with several that have done this,” she said. “It’s like when you move into a home within a week or two, you learn the hard way why the last tenant moved and why they’re constantly rotating and constantly renting the same properties out.”

After putting in several maintenance requests and reaching out to the Attorney General’s Office, she has all but given up.

“It’s like you don’t matter,” she added. “If you’re not paying $1,200 a month rent, then you don’t get safe, decent, and sanitary housing.”

For the last few months, she has lived with the nightmare that just will not let up. It’s why she called WAFB’s Scottie Hunter.

“When you’re stuck dealing with a certain price range, this is what you get all over this area. I know I’m not the only one,” Porea added.

The leasing company is listed online as 5635 Suite A just off Government Street. A check at the office turned up a locked door and no sign. D.L. Management owner, Dana Littles, did get back to WAFB Wednesday evening. She explained that her company just took over the complex on the first of the month.

“We came in at the end of the month in January going into February,” Littles said.

She maintains they have just hired a maintenance crew and are doing everything within their power to bring things up to a level her residents deserve.

“We are very concerned about all the issues that they have that plague that property and we are working toward correcting them, which is why we’ve brought on a maintenance person as well as additional contract labor,” said Littles.

After the previous management company failed to keep things in shape, Littles vows that with her team, change will come.

“I would just like them to just give us an opportunity,” said Littles.

This renter says with each passing day, her patience gets a little thinner.

“If you don’t say anything and stay on top of them, they are going let it just sit there and roll to see how long you gone deal with it and I’m tired,” said Porea.

Littles promises work should begin for several of the tenants in the coming days. She also tells WAFB her company has a great reputation for turning failing complexes around and that she manages about seven properties in the capital area.

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