Ex-NOPD officer pleads guilty to beating man outside of bar, report says

Ex-NOPD officer pleads guilty to beating man outside of bar, report says
Ex-NOPD officer John Galman is accused of beating up a man outside of a New Orleans bar. (Source: NOPD)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - One of two former New Orleans police officers pleaded guilty Wednesday to beating up a man outside of a Mid-City bar in July.

John Galman, 27, was a rookie when he and another rookie officer, Spencer Sutton, 25, beat up Jorge Gomez on July 24 outside of Mid-City Yacht Club.

The victim, Jorge Gomez, says he would go to the Mid-City Yacht Club to catch some games. He says he never expected to get into a near-brawl with two NOPD officers.

Gomez says he was wearing clothing with camouflage print and would normally stay to himself, Galman and Sutton called him over. He says Galman started talking to him about being a Marine, to which Gomez responded that he served in the Army. But according to Gomez, that's when the conversation started escalated.

The NOPD Public Integrity Bureau showed up at the bar and arrested the two officers. They were charged with simple battery. The two were fired the next day.

Fox 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti says he’s surprised that the two were only charged with simple battery. “I understand that they plead guilty as charge. I have a problem with what they were charged with," said Raspanti. "I think they should have been charged with second degree battery because what they did to this guy was not like a single punch or anything like that. They beat him and he suffered what I deem to be the amount of injury that would push it into that second-degree battery area.”

Galman was not sentenced the judge wants to watch surveillance footage of the incident before sentencing. Sutton’s trial date is scheduled for next month but his attorney hopes they will be able to resolve things outside of court.

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