Recent uptick in crime near campus has some LSU students concerned

Recent uptick in crime near campus has some LSU students concerned

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some LSU students are on edge as police continue to hunt for a man at the center of a violent shootout last month inside the Burbank Taco Bell near campus.

LSU students on edge after shooting incident near campus

“I really hope the police catch him and find him because that makes me and everyone else around this area definitely concerned for our safety,” said sophomore, Madelyn Kelly.

Kelly says she and her friends are terrified mostly because police have made one arrest but they do not yet know who the other man is who was involved in the shooting. Police are relying on the public to come forward and have released a picture of the mystery man. He is accused of robbing someone at the restaurant shortly before the gunfire erupted.

“It was really scary knowing that I live like right down the street from Taco Bell and there was a shooting,” said Kelly.

The wild shooting is just the latest in a string of violence in the area in recent months. One man was shot and killed weeks before that incident at the Armstrong Apartments on Burbank and another man was arrested last month and charged with an armed robbery on LSU’s campus.

“I don’t like walking alone at night,” said Kelly. “Even walking from the parking lot to the door of my apartment, I’m like scared.”

Kelly says she uses the LSU shield app to get important updates and tips on crimes from the school, but she admits it can only do so much.

“I use it but I don’t use it like every day,” she said. “I use it if I hear something weird is going on but LSU also sends out emergency text messages if anything happens like nearby on campus.”

While it remains unclear if any of these crimes could be related, Kelly just hopes it gets sorted out soon.

“It’s sad and I just hope police get it figured out,” said Kelly.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

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