Can a health journal help you crush your fitness goals?

Updated: Feb. 8, 2019 at 6:18 PM CST
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The desire to write your thoughts in a diary or journal has been around as long as handwriting itself, but these days, more people are turning to logging their daily activities for a purpose.

Health experts we’ve talked to on WAFB’s Get Fit Red Stick Facebook group suggest journaling to help you if you’re striving for a healthier lifestyle. It can also help you reach your fitness goals.

By this time, well into the new year, many people have already abandoned their resolutions, but don’t be afraid to start over.

If you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey, writing down your progress can help you stay on track.


  • Log what you’re eating
  • Keep track of workouts
  • Monitor your progress

Using a fitness journal to log what you’re eating can stop you from making the wrong choices. Reviewing your journal regularly will help you identify your weaknesses, as well as celebrate your successes.

You can also use your fitness journal to keep track of when you’re working out and what exercises you’re doing. Make a note of how you feel after the exercises, and document the workouts you want to try again.

It’s also important to keep track of your progress. It can take several weeks to start seeing any physical changes when you start working out.

Make sure you’re not just journaling about your measurements. It’s also important to write down how you feel after you workout. Did you get that runners high for the first time? Write it down. When you circle back a month or even a week later, you’ll be proud of how far you’ve come.


Thanks to technology, there are plenty of apps that let you track your health and fitness, right on your phone or tablet.

Apple’s Health app let’s you keep track of activity, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness. It syncs with an Apple Watch so you don’t have to input any of the data manually.

My Fitness Pal is the number 1 health and fitness app on iTunes. It’s also available on Android phones. It helps users make healthier eating choices with an easy-to-use database of more than 5-million different foods.

You can type in the name of a food or scan the bar code on any store bought food item, and the nutrition information pops right up.

In the Google Play store, the Health Log app is a favorite for Pixel users to track any health related activity.

If you prefer putting pen to paper and still want to journal by hand, Commit 30 has a popular fitness journal to help you crush your goals.

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