Jase McDonald, son of Ben McDonald, signs with LSUE

Jase McDonald Signing Day

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Jase McDonald and his dad have all sorts of similarities, from the same high school to the same position on the diamond, but their signing days were nothing alike.

“Yeah, it’s a whole lot different," said Ben McDonald. “I think there were a couple of sports writers and that’s about it. It takes me back and, of course, this wasn’t here. I did my signing in the old gym over there in 1986, but I’m so happy for him.”

The Denham Springs senior pitcher might be following his dad’s footsteps to play at the next level, but Jase is making a name of his own.

“From an early age, you have to realize that, not only am I probably not going to be Ben McDonald, but most people are not going to be Ben McDonald," said Jase McDonald. “It’s about being your own person and listening to him but also doing your own thing.”

With Jase attending LSU Eunice and staying close to home, his dad will have a chance to watch his son excel at his own game.

“I will definitely make my way about an hour and 45 minutes away from here as much as I can to see him play," Ben McDonald explained.

Jase began to take the game of baseball more serious at the age of 16 and for his dad, Ben McDonald, it was a good thing coming.

"At the end of the day, for your kids, you hope you can introduce them to some things and if they take to it and really love it, it’s a good thing,” Ben McDonald added.

The Bengals have won six NJCAA national championships in baseball, including 2018.

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