Pope Francis confirms nuns were abused by priests, including ‘sexual slavery’

Pope Francis confirms nuns were abused by priests, including ‘sexual slavery’
FILE - In this Aug. 22, 2018 file photo, Pope Francis is caught in pensive mood during his weekly general audience at the Vatican. Francis' papacy has been thrown into crisis by accusations that he covered-up sexual misconduct by ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini, File) (Source: Andrew Medichini)

(WAFB) - Pope Francis confirmed that Catholic priests and bishops have been responsible for sexually abusing nuns, CBS News reports.

In some cases nuns have been used as sexual slaves, Pope Francis said. The head of Catholic Church also said that unfortunately there are still nuns being abused.

Former Pope Benedict dissolved a whole congregation of nuns because the abuse was so bad.

The monthly magazine “Women Church World” first brought the scope of the abuse to light at the start of February. In the report, Pope Francis blamed the abuse on the unchecked power priests and clergy members have across the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis told an Associated Press journalist on Tuesday that the more action was needed to address the problem and that Church has been working to address it for some time.

“It’s a path that we’ve been on. Pope Benedict had the courage to dissolve a female congregation which was at a certain level, because this slavery of women had entered it -- slavery, even to the point of sexual slavery -- on the part of clerics or the founder,” Pope Francis said.

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