OUR TURN: Cpl. Totty

OUR TURN: Cpl. Totty

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - We pause this week to remember one of our fallen police officers and the lessons we can learn from his short but productive life.

Cpl. Shane Totty was a determined police officer and public servant as evidence by the impact he had on even the youngest in our community.

He was a role model for perseverance. Cpl. Totty was shot in the line of duty protecting a family from a loved one who is said to of had a mental breakdown.

Even after being shot in the face, Cpl. Totty was eager to return to the force and protect and serve. He did not let adversity stop him from his calling.

And part of that calling was indeed to serve, which is what he was doing when he lost his life, escorting a group of family and friends as they said goodbye to a loved one.

In Cpl. Totty’s death, we were reminded how short life is and how you must make everyday count - through adversity and through love for your family and community.

This week as we say goodbye, we invite you to join us in praying for his family and honoring his selfless sacrifice to keep our part of the world safe.

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