Cancers fueled by obesity are on the rise in millennials, study says

Cancers linked to excess weight

(CNN) - A new study reveals that cancers fueled by obesity are on the rise, notably among American young adults, according to an analysis released Monday by the American Cancer Society.

"The risk of cancer is increasing in young adults for half of the obesity-related cancers, with the increase steeper in progressively younger ages," said co-author Ahmedin Jemal, who is the vice president of the Surveillance and Health Services Research Program for the American Cancer Society.

These obesity related cancers include cancer of the pancreas, kidney, bone marrow and gall bladder.

And the study warns that the risk of these cancers are higher for millennials than others.

For example, the average annual increase for pancreatic cancer was more than four percent for patients ranging in age from 25 to 29.

But less than one percent for those age 40 to 44.

Researchers warn the findings could potentially halt or reverse progress in reducing cancer-related deaths.

"The findings from this study are a warning for increased burden of obesity-related cancer in older adults in the future," said Jemal, "potentially halting or reversing the progress achieved in reducing cancer mortality over the past several decades."

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