Cam Jordan weighs in on Roger Goodell’s press conference

Cam Jordan weighs in on Roger Goodell’s press conference

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -On Wednesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke for the first time since the NFC championship controversy.

Saints Defensive End Cam Jordan had an interesting reaction to what Goodell said and didn’t say about the play that cost Jordan and his teammates a shot at the Super Bowl “It’s a lot of rhetoric,” Jordan told reporters in Atlanta. “I would like to break through that and get the context. Maybe I’m missing something unless I’m taking it out of context. He said something along the lines of talking to coaches which I know he talked to Sean. Talking to the team? I thought I was part of the team. I don’t know about talking to the players. I feel like players comprise the team. A team is comprised of players. I don’t know I talked to a couple players and said ‘Yeah what did he tell you they were like huh?’”

When asked if Jordan was happy that Goodell had finally addressed the no-call, Jordan rebutted “Did he address it? Yeah, I’m gonna try to go through that whole thing there was a lot of rhetoric.”

Wednesday also saw Jordan’s coach, Sean Payton, address the media for the first time since the NFC Championship and Jordan echoed Payton’s message of resilience “It’s all about processing it and trying to get through it. But at the same time you have to have that mindset of pushing forward. Our core team guys, our core situation has really shown itself the last year or two. When you’re talking about how resilient we were to bounce back from the Minnesota Miracle situation, to put yourself one step further to the NFC championship. We have to be even bigger to persevere about trying to get this championship.”

According To Mike Triplett of ESPN, the NFL clarified that Goodell actually did not say he spoke to the team, but was merely listing the groups he knew were frustrated.

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