After Further Review: Five takes from Roger Goodell’s press conference

After Further Review: Five takes from Roger Goodell’s press conference
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Take One: We’re sorry, Saints fans

‘We’re sorry Saints fans but you’ll just have to suck it up while we figure this whole thing out.’ That was the overall tone I sensed when Roger Goodall addressed the no-call. He knows the NFL screwed up and acknowledged it several times but also gave more of a ‘show must go on’ vibe as well. He tried to sound understanding, but he didn’t make the fan base feel any better. But realistically, he was never going to.

Take Two: Intentionally vague on solutions

This was the most noteworthy to me. Goodell seems to want no part in the official solution to this problem. He wants it to be fixed but is leaving that up to the competition committee to figure out. That’s why he lacked specifics when asked directly about what can be done. He touched on instant replay but was quick to point out the difficulty of using replay on a no-call or judgement call. He also didn’t seem to like the idea of an added official either. ,

Take Three: Locals left out

Goodell took 28 questions in 45 minutes in his press conference. Five were about the 'NOLA no call’ but only one of those came from a New Orleans reporter. There were five of us here and every one of us had our hands raised with the microphone next to us several times but were never called upon. Fortunately, some of the national reporters followed up enough to get some important questions on the controversy in. If they didn’t that would have left Goodell with just one question about the NFC championship game.

Take Four: No easy answer

Here’s where I’m in somewhat of an agreement with Goodell: there really is no easy answer. When the dust settles and the competition committee meets, I think a minor tweak will be made, not a major change. My guess is they’ll allow pass interference flags to be reviewed either with one of the two coach’s challenges or inside two minutes in a half or game. The feeling I got is there isn’t enough support of instant replay to be used on a no-call, like the Saints found themselves in against the Rams. The fear is what it could open up by adding this element to the game.

Take Five: Other Observations

  • Goodell didn’t directly answer the question on if the officials involved with face any discipline from the league.
  • Interesting note from my colleague Jeff Duncan, in the past the Saints were one of the teams that voted against expanded replay. 
  • The setup at the press conference was interesting. The ‘microphone guy’ that walks around and gives the mic to a reporter trying to ask a question was positioned next to me for the majority of the press conference but despite my emphatic hand raises, he never actually handed me the microphone for a question.
  • It’s amazing how little the actual Super Bowl game was brought up with Goodell today. I heard one question. 

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