Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge plans to release names of priests accused of abuse

Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge to release names of priest accused of abuse Thursday, January 27

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge says they’ve set a date for the release of the names of priests credibly accused of abusing minors.

In a release sent out Saturday afternoon, Bishop Michael Duca said they’ve completed their review of the files and will release the list of names Thursday, January 31.

In what the Bishop called a “difficult decision," he says he’s convinced that bringing more facts to light will help victims start to re-establish trust in the catholic church.

I know that some would prefer we just stop talking about this and move on. The fact that this wound will not heal tells us that we must continue to bring everything into the light. This is not easy. I have listened to some victims share their stories, and there are no words to express the depth of sadness and shame that was experienced in our Church and is part of OUR diocesan history. It is hard to publish this list for all to see, but real renewal and healing cannot take place until we acknowledge the truth of our past.
Bishop Michael Duca


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