POLICE: Shoot out at Taco Bell near LSU sparked by violent beating

Man accused in shooting at Taco Bell near LSU campus arrested

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A man was arrested Monday, Feb. 4 in connection to a Jan. 21 shooting that happened at a Taco Bell located on Burbank Drive near the LSU campus.

Derrick Ricard, 23, of Baton Rouge, who is an employee at the Taco Bell, was arrested and charged with attempted second degree murder, possession of a stolen firearm, and illegal use of a weapon, according to arrest documents received Monday.

Police say surveillance video taken from the store shows two individuals, one whom is identified as the victim, enter the Taco Bell.

Police say Ricard walked to a different area of the property away from the store and allegedly retrieved a weapon when he noticed the victim enter the restaurant.

The victim is later confronted by other men, his attackers, who entered the restaurant and demanded the victim return something to them.

At some point, the attackers inside the store started to beat the victim. One of the individuals allegedly removed something from the victim’s pocket and exited the restaurant after some time.

Evidence shows the two men later removed something from the vehicle the victim arrived in.

Shortly after, police say Ricard “made it a point” to briefly speak with the attacker’s outside of the store.

Police say the victim eventually got up and ran behind the counter, yelling for employees to call the police. At the same time, Ricard allegedly re-entered the store.

The victim exited the restaurant before re-entering to grab his belongings, which were scattered during the brawl.

Police say Ricard then yelled for the victim to look in his direction and fired the weapon inside the store, but did not hit anyone.

The victim allegedly returned gunfire, which struck Ricard. Video shows Ricard getting an employee to hide one of the weapons, which were later recovered by police. Police say the weapon was reported stolen.

Ricard has a criminal history, including charges for drug and felony theft of a motor vehicle, according to police.

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