Juan’s World: Top 5 Playoff Memories

Juan’s World: Top 5 Playoff Memories

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - In reverse order …

The 2007 NFC Championship in Chicago. The Saints lost that game but established the identity and expectation of title runs in the years to come.

Send us to Seattle Shayne. Shayne Graham kicks the Saints to their first ever road playoff win in Philadelphia in the 2014 wild card game.

2010 NFC Championship Game in the Dome. Saints defensive back Tracy Porter would come up with an interception on Brett Farve as the Vikings drove deep into Saints territory. The game would go into overtime.

The kick. The game winning score in that came would come off the foot of Garrett Harley. It was a 40-yard screamer that split the uprights to send the Saints to Super Bowl XLIV

Tracy does it again. He did it to Favre and he would do it again in the Super Bowl – this time to Peyton Manning in Miami. The pick 6 would give the Saints a 31-17 lead that the team would never relinquish.

Where were you when your favorite playoff moment happened?

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