Baton Rouge gets hyped ahead of Saints NFC Championship game

Residents in Baton Rouge get excited ahead of Saints vs. Rams playoff game

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With all the events in Baton Rouge this weekend, it’s hard to top the excitement just an hour down the highway in New Orleans, but in a city that bleeds purple and gold, anything black and gold is flying off the shelves.

The game against the Rams may be Sunday, but Saints fans are already gearing up.

Gameday wouldn’t be gameday without team colors. For Carmen Rambler, the combinations are endless, and she’s outfitting the whole family.

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“I’ve got to get Belle a new jersey, too,” she said. Belle is the family’s dog.

Not everyone could break away from work to pre-game though. Instead of picking the wrong wardrobe, Daniel Bozard took his wife along on the phone.

“We’re looking for something for her, but they don’t have anything in her size,” he said.

January has been a good month at the Black and Gold Store.

“With the Saints winning, we’ve got all our local fans supporting us and buying Saints for the weekend,” said Sara Sanders.

But it’s not just the sports shops. Black and gold sweets are hot too.

“You can see people walking through the door. They’re excited,” said Felix Sherman.

What Who Dat wouldn’t want a king cake with the home team’s colors? Or a fleur de lis on their petit four?

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This will be one of the few weekends in Baton Rouge where black and gold is more popular than purple and gold.

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