Championship banners go up in Superdome

Championship banners go up in Superdome

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Superdome is being transformed for Sunday’s conference championships, and the T-shirts are being printed up for a Saints victory.

Fans couldn’t be more excited, and if you thought last week’s party was big, this one might be a whole new level.

Paint is going down on the Superdome turf, and for Saints fans, it’s a Picasso. It says “conference championship,” and they’re pulling out all the stops.

Fox network is bringing in Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. There will be a large fireworks shows inside and outside the Dome, and the loading dock is a beehive of activity, much of it alcohol-related.

“I’m real excited. Think they’re going all the way, going to do it,” said Bud beer man Karl Simmons.

Inside the stadium, championship banners are going up, the team logos are on the scoreboard, and fans hope that a zero remains behind the Ram helmet until the game’s final gun.

And there will be plenty of work to do during the game.

“Probably going to be running all day,” said bar runner Justo Bonila.

While this stencil represents something Saints fans have been dreaming of all year long, outside the Dome will be a party for the ages. Champions Square crowds were huge last week for Big Sam and Choppa before the divisional game. FOX 8 meteorologist and stage emcee, Bruce Katz said this Sunday will be even bigger, with a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band set to take the stage.

“I think this week will blow it out of the park. Cheap Trick will be playing in Champions Square, the Yin Yang twins and Choppa,” said Katz.

But fans should prepare for weather, at least outside the Dome.

“It’s going to be cold that day. The insulation of people will make it warm,but after a big Saints win, the roof will come off the Dome,” said Katz.

French Quarter T-shirt shops are also gearing up.

“The morning after, we will have all the championship shirts, the hats - fingers crossed,” said Ryan Bell with Pro Image T-shirts on Decatur. He said a printer in Florida is now manufacturing Saints' championship shirts, but if things don’t work out...

“The T-shirts are going to Africa,” said Bell.

And that’s a prospect no Saints fan, cares to entertain.

Champion’s Square opens Sunday at 11 a.m., and outside beverages are not allowed.

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