City official says 2,300 trash complaints putting stress on Department of Maintenance

Baton Rouge dealing with nearly double the trash complaints as 2017

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - “I’ve been calling for a year and it hasn’t been taken care of and it’s not right,” said Alvin Williams.

Alvin Williams
Alvin Williams (Source: WAFB)

Williams says he’s been trying to get the city to pick up a pile of trash next to his house for more than a year. He says it’s become home to dozens of rodents and bad smells, as well as a safety hazard for children in the neighborhood.

“They can’t even walk down the sidewalk and then somebody come up the street and the kids walk in the street and they not paying attention and one of them get hit or so, I mean, it’s really the city’s fault because they don’t have this here area cleared,” said Williams.

Fortunately, the 9News Alert Team helped Williams get the problem resolved. However, Kyle Huffstickler, director for the Department of Maintenance, says the trash around the city has only gotten worse. He says the current number of work orders is 2,300, which is double the amount from 2017.

(Source: WAFB)

“We don’t have the resources it would take to be able to get the piles cleaned up quicker. It’s just going to take a little time,” he said.

Huffstickler says they currently have only one crew, which cleans an average of ten sites per day. That would take them approximately seven months to clear the number of complaints currently in the system. For now, he hopes the community will be patient.

“We encourage people to continue to call in the 311 request because that’s a way we can track the piles and track the dumping and so forth, but again, we ask for the public’s patience to give us an opportunity to respond,” said Huffstickler.

The city also has a mow-to-own program to help keep vacant properties clean. For more information on that program, click here.

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