Saints fans show off their black and gold decorations for the playoffs

Saints fans show off their black and gold lawn decorations

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - With the holidays moving to the rear-view, Saints’ fans can focus on the playoffs and they are showing their support in lots of ways that don’t stop with a hat and a jersey.

While much of the city spent the last month or so aglow with Christmas cheer, Twelfth night has come and gone meaning it’s time for the red and green of Christmas to be replaced. As Carnival decorations start to show up everywhere, some folks are going for more black and gold.

Troy Naquin’s Metairie home is all that and more.

“Who Dat nation in the neighborhood," Naquin said.

This is his second year paying homage to the home team.

“I just keep adding on and this year I added the goal lines and the flags," Naquin said.

The football display is no leftover Christmas show, which Naquin said he quickly replaced with his Saints' display as soon as he knew the team would make the playoffs.

Naquin called another Metairie home his inspiration, and if sales at the black and gold shop are any indication, there will be more lawns decked out in the black and gold to come. Pam Randazza said yard decorations have been a popular purchase.

“Yeah, I noticed this weekend a lot of people buying more house flags,” Randazza said.

It’s not just flags. Yard signs, blow ups and even the infamous plastic flamingos are getting a makeover to show love for the team.

“I know people are going to be putting it up. Especially if they’ve got a neighbor that’s not a Saints’ fan," Randazza said.

Playoffs bring a new intensity when it comes to marking Saints' territory, she said.

“Most of the time at the beginning of the season it’s more about just gearing up for the game and getting your gear to wear," Randazza said. "All week they’ll just be pumped up.”

“I’m going to try to do every opponent. That’s my goal," Naquin said.

He is confident this look will stay in fashion.

“What you think? We’re going to win," Naquin said, topping it off with a "Who Dat!”

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