Cyberstalking: How to protect yourself from predators

Experts say stalkers use social media to find victims

Cyberstalking: How to protect yourself from predators
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(KSLA) - Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are popular platforms that people use to share their daily lives; and stalkers are taking advantage of these platforms to find victims.

Online safety experts encourage people to pay close attention of the people they communicate with on social media. Accepting a friend request from a stranger could open the door for them to learn personal information.

Angela Henderson, Assistant Executive Director & Sexual Assault Crisis Center Director for Project Celebration, works with people who are dealing with stalkers. She advises people to report their stalker to the police before it gets out of hand.

“I would keep a record of each time they contact you because if you call a relationship quits, that person should not continue to contact you,” Henderson says. “If that person continues to contact you, then that’s considered stalking.”

There are several ways to protect yourself against these criminals. Henderson mentions the importance of turning off location settings on your phone and computer.

She says people can easily find out where you live and work.

Many social media apps also have privacy settings that can limit the amount of information published. Henderson says if you are going to publish a picture, make sure it doesn’t clearly identify your location.

Now if you or someone you know thinks they’re being stalked, experts say you should call the police.

You can also contact Project Celebration (318-277-7900) for resources to help. They have a legal team and counselors who are skilled in this kind of work.

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