Dog escapes coyote attack; captured on camera

Dog escapes coyote attack

LITCHFIELD, NH (WBZ/CNN) - Scary moments in New Hampshire this week for a dog who escaped an attack by two angry coyotes, and the incident was caught on video.

As "Harlee" stared warily toward the woods Tuesday, with her brother "Chevy" close behind, their owner recalled the close encounter.

"They almost got her. But luckily, she was pretty quick," Doug Anderson said.

Anderson said his deck security camera caught a pair of coyotes trying to make breakfast out of Harlee in the backyard Monday morning.

The yelping sent him scrambling outside from his kitchen, with only a brief stop to check Harlee for wounds.

"She's running in. I'm running out, jumped out to the back deck real fast and saw two coyotes just sitting there in the yard," Anderson said.

He was pretty sure the coyotes were watching from the woods as both dogs romped in the backyard. They didn't make their move until one dog went back inside and they had a two-on-one advantage.

He can laugh about it now, because Harlee doesn't have a scratch.

"When they came up behind her, she turned and snapped at them, just out of fear," Anderson said. "They just stopped because she was going to the house."

The coyotes vanished, and he quickly posted the video on Facebook to warn neighbors. If his 55-pound pit bull wasn't safe, they should keep a close eye on their pets.

"They got pretty close to her," he said.

Some locals have suggested hunting the coyotes, which is legal in the state year-round.

For now, Harlee is simply treading carefully.

"Calmed down a little bit from the past day or so, she's been a little more skittish going outside," Anderson said.

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