Saints fans optimistic despite loss to Carolina Panthers

Saints fans optimistic despite loss to Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints fans hope Drew Brees can help the "Black and Gold" win another Lombardi Trophy.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Usually when the Saints lose, it’s hard to find a fan in an upbeat mood, but that was not the case after the team’s loss to the Carolina Panthers at the Superdome Sunday (Dec. 30), many of who said the loss wasn’t enough to dampen their spirits.

“Its just a regular game, this one it doesn’t really matter; we are number one in the NFC what can you say,” Saints fan Latrel Dace said.

Even with Sunday’s loss, they remain pumped, because they know the Saints still have a chance at another championship in the playoffs.

“I’m feeling good. You got that home feel advantage, Dome advantage. We still number one,” another fan said while leaving the Superdome after the game.

One Louisiana family who now lives in Charlotte chartered a bus packed with family members to make sure they got to see the Saints in this game against the Panthers. Members of the Boudreaux family said they hate the Panthers team and remain loyal Saints fans.

Looking forward, Saints fans said their focus is on the future games that could take the team to the Super Bowl - their dream now is that it becomes a reality.

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