WWII vet hasn’t received a single Christmas card, Port Clinton pizza shop steps in

WWII vet hasn’t received a single Christmas card, Port Clinton pizza shop steps in

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Sloopy’s Sports Cafe in Port Clinton has called upon the community to spread a little Christmas cheer to a 97-year-old WWII veteran.

Glenn Tesnow went into Sloopy’s to have a slice when he told workers that he hadn’t received a single Christmas card yet this year.

Tesnow said that he had been checking his mailbox twice every day, hoping that there would be a small piece of holiday joy waiting for him inside. Each day, he found nothing.

This story hit home for the crew at Sloopy’s. The restaurant took to Facebook, hoping to gain some attention for the sergeant.

The post says, “We all may not be here today in this holiday season if it was not for the great men and women alike who gave their lives serving our country.”

Kevin Knecht of Sloopy’s said that when Glenn first came into their shop, he hadn’t had a pizza in 60 years. He soon became a regular, coming in once a month to get his favorite pizza and share a story.

“We all got a heart for the veterans but there’s just something about Glenn that this really got to me," Knecht said. “He was telling us all the stories and everything and I just had to walk away from him for a minute; brought a tear to my eye.”

Their original post has already gained some attention. People all over have decided to spread some cheer to Sergeant Tesnow, sending holiday cards and a few gifts.

He has even started to be recognized around town, making the veteran feel like a local celebrity.

“He goes to the store and people stop and want to take pictures with him. He says he can’t go anywhere. They went to the Toledo Zoo and people were stopping to take pictures with him," Knecht said.

The workers at Sloopy’s want to give Sergeant Tesnow the best Christmas they can, and it seems that they are already on the right track. They are looking to the community to lend a hand by sending out one extra card this holiday season.

“We here at Sloopys, the whole crew, are very pleased and honored to have met Glenn. We care about our community and our veterans so if there’s something we can do to help out we’re going to do it,” said Knecht.

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