Trosclair out as head coach at Ascension Catholic High School after feud with administration

Trosclair out as head coach at Ascension Catholic High School after feud with administration

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Drey Trosclair, who just finished his fourth season as head football coach at Ascension Catholic, is no longer employed by the school. The 28-year-old was asked to step down Wednesday morning after issues with administration at the school came to a head.

First reported by The Advocate, Trosclair said the administration refused to grant sideline game passes to boosters and supporters of the Bulldogs program for the Division IV state championship game just last Thursday. Although the passes were denied, Trosclair’s father, brother and others who, according to the former coach, donated money to the program and provided team meals, were still present on the sideline during the game. Trosclair added the same people who were at the game on the sideline this year were also present during the 2017 state championship game.

The second issue stemmed from mid-September when the administration at the school made Trosclair sign a contract stating he would not run up the score on his opponents when the team had a lead late in the game. He was told if he didn’t sign the contract, he would not coach in the next week’s game. Also in the contract that WAFB received a copy of was a statement regarding Trosclair’s tardiness.

“We have discussed your tardiness several times and the importance of arriving to school on time,” it states.

According to The Advocate, Trosclair was not able to speak with his team before he was let go of his duties. He was also the school’s athletic director and head disciplinarian.

On the field, Trosclair, who played football at Nicholls in college, helped to turn the Bulldogs into a consistent Division IV winner. They won nine combined games in 2015 and 2016 before going 25-3 the next two seasons and making the state championship game in consecutive years.

Trosclair declined to comment with WAFB when he was contacted.

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