YOUR TURN: Destroyed Mail

YOUR TURN: Postal Workers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many of you went to Facebook this week to vent your frustrations with the postal service after we aired a report about issues at the Bennington post office, just off of College Drive.

The report included allegations that postal workers had thrown some of your mail in the trash.

Debra Dupree said:

“So they’re saying that currently there may not be charges filed? I thought it was a federal crime to throw away mail! I can’t wrap my head around this!”

Betty Lou added:

“Why wouldn’t charges be filed? This is a federal crime with very real consequences to citizens. Ridiculous. Yes, file charges.”

But Angie McGhee pointed out that we shouldn’t lump all mail carriers into one group, saying:

“I live in Walker and must say my mail lady is amazing! She is always pleasant, efficient and timely. Didn’t realize what a blessing she is! I will be certain her Christmas gift this year is spectacular!”

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